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Cavill will exit the show after the upcoming season, with Liam Hemsworth taking over his role.

When Season 3 of “The Witcher” premieres sometime next year, it will effectively act as the final chapter of the show’s first act, with series star Henry Cavill departing the series, with the lead character of Geralt of Rivia recast with Liam Hemsworth beginning in the fourth season. Since the announcement, fans have wondered how the show will handle the transition, but showrunner Lauren Hissrich is confidant that Season 3 will be a fitting goodbye to the Netflix series’ first star.

“Geralt’s big turn is about giving up neutrality and doing anything that he has to do to get to Ciri [Freya Allan],” Hissrich said in an interview with Entertainment Weekly. “And to me, it’s the most heroic sendoff that we could have, even though it wasn’t written to be that.”

Although she didn’t discuss Hemsworth’s interpretation of the character, Hissrich further told EW that Season 4 will see Geralt take on a new goal, with the changes of the character helping to mirror the change in actors.

“Geralt has a new mission in mind when we come back to him in season 4. He’s a slightly different Geralt than we expected,” Hissrich said. “Now, by the way, that’s an understatement.”

Cavill was announced to be leaving “The Witcher” after the upcoming third season in October. At the time, the actor was expected to reprise his role as DC comic book hero Superman in a new film, following his cameo appearance in the end credits of “Black Adam” starring Dwayne Johnson. Since then, however, a new Superman movie set in the character’s younger days has been announced, and Cavill confirmed he would be not be playing the character in the immediate future. Since then, the actor has lined up a new project, starring in and executive producing an Amazon series based on popular tabletop game “Warhammer 40,000.”

Although “The Witcher” Season 3 won’t premiere until next year, the series recently received a spinoff prequel limited series “Blood Origin,” starring Minnie Driver and Michelle Yeoh. Driver recently addressed the exit of Cavill in an interview with EW, saying the character could function in the same way that “Doctor Who” does, with new characters taking on the part.

“We come from this tradition of ‘Doctor Who’ where the Doctor regenerates,” Driver said. “I think we need to look at it far more like it’s amazing. It’s an amazing person, it’s an amazing character, and we should have different people playing it.”

Source: IndieWire

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