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During San Diego Comic-Con this year, Netflix finally revealed the first ever trailer of The Witcher, teasing fans with their first look not only at the movie’s cast, but its fantastical world. And part of brings the world to life is the series’ writing, which is not only excellent, but isn’t black and white like many series. The Witcher revels in the morally grey. And this extends to its characters, even the show’s protagonist, Geralt of Rivia. And it’s this type of writing that has really left an impression of Ciri’s Freya Allan.

“I think what surprised me, I’m just trying to think, what did surprise me… I think I really admired the way it had been written, because you know there isn’t that kind of, he’s the baddy, he’s the goodie, we support the goodie,” said Allan when asked what about the world has impressed her the most.

“Do you know what I mean? Which is like the typical thing which happened. I don’t think it’s the case with this. I think there are parts of the characters you love and parts of them that you hate. And your constantly changing your mind as to who you want to support. Who is bad, who is good, and then you realize no one is bad or good everyone has their intentions and thinks what they’re doing is right. I think that’s a massive thing in the world. So I think that’s brilliant and surprising thing I have discovered because I have seen a lot of that kind of there’s the bad guy, there’s the good guy, so I think that’s really refreshing.”

Of the show’s main three characters, this probably applies the least to Ciri, not only because of her young age, which lessens this type of dynamic, but because she’s genuinely a pretty good person, or at least more so than Geralt, and especially Yennefer.

The Witcher is set to release sometime later this year, though when exactly, hasn’t been divulged. However, some rumors have suggested it will drop in December, right in time for some Holiday season binging.

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